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Below you will find links to other agencies and resources that may be of service to you:

CT Department of Social Services
The Department of Social Services provides a broad range of services to the elderly, people with disabilities, families, and individuals who need assistance in maintaining or achieving their full potential for self-direction, self-reliance and independent living.

Chrysalis Center is a private non-profit healthcare agency which provides community support services to people who are struggling with mental illness, substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, release from incarceration and homelessness and who live substantially below the poverty line.

West Hartford Juvenile Review Board
The Juvenile Review Board (JRB) is a community-based diversionary and preventative program.  JRB acts in an advisory capacity to the West Hartford Police Department in determining consequences to assist first time juvenile offenders and their families avoid further involvement with the judicial system.

Community Court
A social Worker is assigned to Community Court in Hartford to work with adult offenders from West Hartford or Bloomfield who, if they meet the requirements of this program, are able to expunge an offense from their record after one year.

West Hartford Cares Resource Directory
There are many resources available to help West Hartford residents in a time of need.  Click on the link for a comprehensive list of contact information for those services.  The West Hartford Resource Directory lists telephone numbers for services that you'll need in time of crisis, including the Poison Control hotline, local hospitals as well as agencies that have professionals who can help with child abuse, domestic violence, gambling, parenting, substance abuse and more.

A wallet-size card of this resource directory is available at the Customer Service Desk of Town Hall.